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2019 - 09 - 09
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2019 - 09 - 09
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On August 8, Xinyuan Service won a number of brand awards: at the 3rd China Real Estate Industry Strategy Summit, Xinyuan Service won the “2050 Chinese Community Service TOP50”; co-organized in the 8t...
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The spirit of the 19th National Congress is around: Xinyuan famous family happiness community layout

date: 2018-06-13
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On the afternoon of November 6, the 19th National Spiritual Central Propaganda Group visited the famous Zhengzhou Xinyuan, and more than ten mainstream media such as CCTV and Henan TV.

        Xinyuan Community has won the title of National Civilized Community and National Harmonious Community Construction Demonstration Community, and has been highly praised by national leaders. On November 8th, the well-known media in Henan Province, Dahe Daily, reported on the Xinyuan community with the title of “Happy Puzzle of a Community”.

        My own keys are dare to put neighbors, you said that we have more relationships

        The winter sun hits a vacant lot in the famous community of Xinyuan. Seven or eight children are toddlers accompanied by their elders, and the old people are leisurely squatting. “The scenery of the community is picturesque, the environment is good, the neighborhood is harmonious, and the life is comfortable!” The old people who are in the middle of the building are cocked.

        The owners who live here are as good as a family. It’s no exaggeration to describe the “village fairy tale” in the city. 'The keys to the door of the house dare to put in the neighbors. Do you talk about how close our relationship is?' Sharing the harmonious relationship between the neighbors, the owner Qi Xifeng is endless.

        In the famous community of Xinyuan, there are many similar warm stories in the neighborhood, too many incredible 'country fairy tales', and they are 'staged' every day...

        Develop a smart party building model to build a happy community

        The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China puts forward: to create a social governance pattern of joint construction and common governance. The Xinyuan famous community effectively combined the property service with the party's mass line, promoted the party's service deepening, and established a 'three-in-one' large service-oriented smart party building structure. Namely: refined service + grid service + intelligent service, serving the masses as the main body. With the breadth, depth and speed of service as the three major points of focus, we will improve the happiness of people's livelihood.

        Among them, the happy community relies on the party branch and its cohesive social resources, the combination of party members' voluntary services and property professional services, and carries out various types of mass services. The charity community reflects the party's love for special groups, including: respecting the elderly and respecting the elderly, and helping the weak.

        'He arrived in time and saved my life.'

        Shen Canchao (67 years old), the owner of Xinyuan. At about 5 pm on September 13th, he accidentally grabbed his head outside, and he was licking the back of his head.

        'I quickly went to the community hospital and met the property manager Wang Pei on the road. He took the initiative to take me.' Shen Canchao recalled, 'I was too embarrassed to sit, and there was soil and blood. He said: 'It is not time to pay attention to this.' I took the community hospital with me.” After the simple dressing, the blood stopped temporarily, but the doctor said that he would go to the big hospital. Wang Pei stopped a taxi and later the old daughter came over. 'It took half an hour to stop the blood in the People's Hospital. After ten days, the line was broken.' The old man recalled that he went to the community hospital for 5 minutes and the provincial people's hospital for 20 minutes. The doctor said that it was fortunate that the consequences were unimaginable. Wang Pei said that it is an instinctive reaction to meet the owner's help, and he will take care of such a thing in the future.

        Young family family is in urgent need of rehabilitation community security to accompany him for half a month

        There is also a story in a famous home in Xinyuan: a young man is unable to walk after a cervical tumor, and his mother is hospitalized. It is urgent for someone to help him walk in the community to recover. After receiving the help of the young man's eight-year-old grandfather, the community security guard came forward and took him for half a month until the young mother's mother came home from the hospital.

        Wan Xinfu, customer service director of Xinyuan Property, said that at the beginning of August this year, the old man went to the property and said that the child’s mother was sick and hospitalized, and the child was taken care of, and the old couple had two people. The little guy can't live without people, need to kneel and recover. 'Later, we continued to take care of the young man for half a month.'

        Pursuing a good life, the people are most concerned about it?

        Ms. Zhang, a famous teacher of Xinyuan, is most concerned about fitness for all. Now she is doing housework and playing Taiji every day. She has been insisting on doing it. In the report of the 19th National Congress, the past five years of 'all-round fitness and comprehensive development of competitive sports' were mentioned. As an ordinary people, Ms. Zhang felt very deeply in the development of national fitness. Ms. Zhang said that most of the active exercise was for middle-aged and elderly people. Nowadays, young people are also very active. There are many people participating in the sports games held regularly in the community.

        'When I am older, I am most concerned about the issue of old-age care.' The 70-year-old Grandfather Xu seriously read the report of the 19th National Congress. He is most concerned about 'building a pension system, filial piety, respect for the elderly and the social environment.' Regarding old-age care, he feels that instead of giving money to a nursing home, it is better to spend money on places that make you happy, such as traveling. 'The world is so big, as long as the body allows it, you can walk and you can see where you can go.' Uncle Xu said that there are many ways to support the old age. Now the community has built a multi-level system of home care services, and there are elderly owners canteens. Daily help, senior class, etc., very good.

        The Xinyuan famous community is a famous happy community in Zhengzhou. The community residents are like a family, and many warm stories like “country fairy tales” are often “staged” in this community. This is the happiness code of Xinyuan famous family.


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