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2019 - 09 - 09
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On June 20th, hosted by China Property Management Association, co-organized by Chongqing Property Management Association, 2019 Property Service Enterprise Brand Development Forum and National Property...
2019 - 09 - 09
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On August 8, Xinyuan Service won a number of brand awards: at the 3rd China Real Estate Industry Strategy Summit, Xinyuan Service won the “2050 Chinese Community Service TOP50”; co-organized in the 8t...
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Open the wisdom XIN experience and build a pan-property "Xin"

date: 2019-09-19
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This is the best era, and it is possible to do what it takes. After experiencing a wave of changes in urbanization, informatization, capitalization, etc., the property management industry has been fully displayed in the past two years, showing an unprecedented sentiment. This year, the value of Xinyuan Service was established 20 years ago. The beautiful years, in the beautiful times, Xinyuan Service through the iterative and upgrade service standard system, with people and space as the core for service resource integration, service supply integration, release XIN service system 3.0, to 'full life cycle' service Innovation and technology empowerment, in the field of “intelligence + service” connotation innovation, application innovation, etc., build a pan-property industry eco-sphere based on the community, with the city as the service space and the diversified industry as the pillar, let more Xin The owners of the park experience the ultimate in beauty and service.


What is the XIN Service System 3.0

On July 21, 2018, Xinyuan Service officially released the XIN Service System 3.0. The so-called 'XIN Service System 3.0' is a service system and service language that matches the dual-core driver of the owner and the employee. By activating the potential of the employee, the service with high quality and high experience on the spot can be effectively executed. Under the framework of Xinyuan Service XIN Service System 3.0, Xinyuan Service will provide service front-end, giving customers a high-quality experience throughout the life cycle, enhancing owner satisfaction and living well-being.

'XIN Service System 3.0' involves 108 owners' contacts and 498 service contents, and the service standards are refined to 42 dynamic modules. In the specific service design, under the three characteristics of “high cost performance, high satisfaction, high service experience” of Xinyuan Service, it emphasizes the combination of the project's own characteristics to form the project's own service IP. By refining the scene design, the employee service actions are aggregated in a specific scenario to realize the scene of the service, and the service perception of the owner is enhanced through the scene refinement.


'2456' number reading XIN service system 3.0

With the advancement of society and the development of the property industry, the owners have further requirements for the awareness of the property and the quality of service. The release of XIN Service System 3.0 is that Xinyuan Service maintains service in the increasingly fierce competition in the industry. Advantages, the successful practice of strengthening their service characteristics.

Xinyuan Service continuously explores and tries new services and new models. It focuses on the consumption upgrade of the owners' community, with the management of large assets, large capital management and industry as the core, and builds a comprehensive and three-dimensional service system for the community. The scale of management and control of the enterprise The management industry format has been upgraded from linear growth to geometric butterfly transformation.

Number 2: Dual core drive

The service orientation of high cost performance, high satisfaction and high experience is the basis of Xinyuan's property differentiation service. The service system is transformed from the original customer to the core and the owner and employee are dual-core driven. Strengthen the awareness of active services and pay more attention to customer service perception and service experience.

开启智慧XIN体验 构建泛物业式“鑫”美好

Number 4: Four dimensions

XIN Service System 3.0 builds the service system from four dimensions: focusing on customer experience, activating employee potential, creating service features, and refining scene design. Integrating the concepts of standardization, affection, differentiation and individualized service, the service concept of six-heart service concept and four-service service series will be integrated and put on the ground, focusing on the high cost performance, high service experience and high satisfaction of Xinyuan Service. The core IP is used to build service systems and service standards.

开启智慧XIN体验 构建泛物业式“鑫”美好

Number 5: “Xin, Xin, Xin, Xin, Salary” five XIN interpretation meaning

“Xin”: It has the obvious characteristics of Xinyuan Service, reflecting the inheritance of Xinyuan Service Service. On the basis of the six-hearted service concept, it strengthens the three core IPs of high cost performance, high satisfaction and high service experience brand.

 'Letter': Contains the meaning of both information and credit. Information means that the design and extension of the service system is based on the extension of customer service big data, and the creation of a precise service system based on information and big data analysis. Credit granting refers to the demand for on-site service. In order to ensure the flexibility and responsiveness of on-site services, a level of staff is fully trusted and credited, and a certain proportion of credits are given to different levels or projects for the provision of on-site personalized services.

 “New”: In combination with the new demands of community consumption and new consumption of owners, the innovation of service content and service design, with the core of the needs of the owners, gives new vitality to the service content and service system.

'Heart': The XIN service system is the inheritance of Xinyuan Service 'Six Heart Service Concept'. It is rich in service and quality.

 “Salary”: Realize the value of the service, build a diversified distribution incentive mechanism, and build a platform for employee symbiosis sharing.

开启智慧XIN体验 构建泛物业式“鑫”美好

Figure 6: Creating a 6S service experience and five scene designs

XIN Service System 3.0 further enhances the service actions and service content, pays attention to the owner's perception, and builds a 6S service system, which brings the owner's all-round and three-dimensional service experience from six aspects: visual, auditory, tactile, taste, smell and perception. .

The XIN Service System 3.0 emphasizes the satisfaction of the individual needs of the owners in different scenarios. By analyzing the actual needs of the owners in different scenarios of community life, personalized service design according to the needs of the scene, through the satisfaction of personalized needs, the property service is more targeted, and enhance the direct perception of the service effect and service content. At the same time, the scene design of the XIN service system changes the rigid constraints and regulations of the past, and divides the property service standards into different scenarios according to the dimensions of timelines, time, contacts, festivals, etc., and integrates the service standards and scenarios. Suggestions for various scenarios of service plans, and let all members participate in the scene design, and continuously refine and enrich the scene experience.


Thoughts on the Return of Xinyuan Service to the Nature of Property Service

开启智慧XIN体验 构建泛物业式“鑫”美好

In the past 37 years, China's property management industry has experienced a leap-forward development. Today's property industry is accelerating the transition to modern service industries through innovation, and has received attention from many fields, including capital markets. With the upgrading of residents' new consumption patterns, consumers' demand for services is increasing, and the service capabilities provided by enterprises need to be upgraded and iterated, and services can be redefined in this era. At the current level of transformation and transformation of the industry, Xinyuan Service has established a new service system based on the latest positioning of “pan-property industry operators”, based on the full recognition of service value, and established the XIN service system 3.0 in a timely manner. Open a new round of service awareness in the industry, improve service standards, and lead the improvement and improvement of the industry service system.

XIN Service 3.0 is not only the iteration and upgrade of Xinyuan service system, but also a concentrated expression of management innovation, technological innovation and model innovation in the property industry. It is more inclusive, inclusive, innovative and open, and continues to strengthen Xinyuan Service. Service IP, improve service perception and service reputation, improve owner's viscosity and provide assistance, and provide basic guarantee for the ecological layout and development of the pan-property industry.

开启智慧XIN体验 构建泛物业式“鑫”美好

In order to enhance the happiness of the owners, Xinyuan Service will continue to strengthen differentiated smart services based on big data analysis, upgrade from three levels of service, life and technology, continuously improve professional service capabilities, achieve balanced development of multiple formats, and create a whole life. Cycle customer experience, actively meet the needs of the owners' good life, continuously enrich the types of value-added services for the owners, enhance the living experience of the owners and residents, and promote the efficiency of the management of the industry and the modernization of services.

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