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1. Start: (1998-2002)

        On December 18, 1998, Henan Xinyuan Property Management Co., Ltd. was formally incorporated and established the concept of “Six Heart Service” at the beginning of its establishment.

        In December 2000, Xinyuan Property passed the IS09002 quality system certification in Zhengzhou City.

        In February 2000, the first takeover project of Xinyuan Property took over to the owner and delivered it to the owner.

        2. Ready: (2003-2006)

        In December 2004, Xinyuan Master was awarded the title of “National Property Management Demonstration Residential Quarter” by the Ministry of Construction and became the company's first national excellent project.

        In September 2005, Xinyuan’s classic representative work was completed in Zhengzhou Xinyuan.

        3. Growth: (2007-2012)

        On August 18, 2007, the establishment of Xinyuan Property Shandong Branch marks the entry into the substantive stage of the national development of Xinyuan Property.

        On December 22, 2007, Xinyuan Property passed the assessment of the expert group of the Ministry of Construction and was shortlisted among the national first-class property management enterprises.

        From 2009 to 2010, Zhengzhou Xinyuan Central Garden and Zhengzhou Xinyuan International City Garden were awarded the title of “National Property Management Demonstration Residential Quarter” by the Ministry of Construction with the highest score in Henan Province.

        In 2010, Xinyuan Property was awarded the standing director unit of China Property Industry Association.

        On January 7, 2010, “Henan Xinyuan Property Management Co., Ltd.” was officially renamed as “Xinyuan Property Service Co., Ltd.”.

        In September 2011, the company won the “2011 China Property Service Excellent Brand Enterprise” with a brand value of 198 million yuan.

        In October 2011, Xinyuan Property was awarded the “Top 100 Comprehensive Strength of China's Property Service Enterprises” by China Property Management Association for 30 years.

        On the evening of March 19, 2012, CCTV's 'Focus Interview' reported on the advanced fire safety prevention and control mode of Zhengzhou Xinyuan.

        4. Transformation: (2013-2016)

        From 2009 to 2016, Xinyuan Property has been awarded “Top 100 Property Service Enterprises in China” and “Leading Enterprise with Chinese Characteristics” for seven consecutive years.

        From 2012 to 2014, Xinyuan Property Offshore Branch has won many honors such as “Shandong Province Property Service Gold Medal Manager”, “Xuzhou Media Recommended Brand Property Company”, “Suzhou Quality • Credit Property Service Unit” and so on; The company was awarded the vice president unit of Jinan Property Management Industry Association.

        Since 2014, Xinyuan Property has accelerated its development, transformation and upgrading, formed a clear business model, and built a “Xin E Home” information model to transform into a modern property company.

        On June 21, 2016, Xinyuan Property leapt to the top 14 in China's property management comprehensive strength with its new development leap. The company's development model and performance were included in the “China Property Management Top 100 Research Report”.

        In 2016, based on high-quality residential products and high-quality property services, Xinyuan Property created “Cloud PARK” of “Smart Property + Smart Community + Smart Home” through intelligent equipment, Internet of Things technology and Internet technology. A new intelligent system.

        On September 27, 2016, “Xinyuan Property Service Co., Ltd.” was renamed “Xinyuan Technology Service Co., Ltd.”

        5. Capitalization: (2017 - future)

        In March 2017, Xinyuan Property was published as the chairman of the commercial complex alliance, one of the six designated editorial units of the national standard, and the “Management Guide for the Management of Commercial Property Management in China” was published.

        In October 2018, the China Property Management Association released the “Top 100 List of China's Property Services Enterprises”, and Xinyuan Property was awarded the Top 10 of China's Top 100 Property Service Enterprises.

        In May 2019, Xinyuan Property won the “Unicorn Award for Property Service Enterprise Potential”.

        In May 2019, Xinyuan Property became the “Deputy President Unit of China Property Management Association”.

        In June 2019, Xinyuan Property won the “Top 50 Brand Value of Property Service Enterprises”.

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